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Aesthetic dentistry

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Teeth whitening

The ZOOM teeth whitening system is a quick and effective procedure that will make your teeth look whiter, removing pigmentation and yellowing in less than an hour.
ZOOM, a specially designed light, activates a whitening gel applied to the tooth surface without damaging the tooth enamel, making it the best quality and safest way to whiten teeth.

Aesthetic fillings

The aesthetic composite fillings give the teeth a completely natural appearance. They are made exclusively of premium materials and are replaced by well-known amalgam restorations for health and aesthetic reasons.


Veneers are aesthetic restorations intended to repair minor damage to the front teeth. They are made of a very thin layer of ceramics, and are used in cases of aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth, either because of the color, the shape of the teeth or the unwanted distance between the teeth (diastema).

Dental jewelry

Dental jewelry, crystals of various colors and shapes, can stand on teeth for up to several years, and are glued to the tooth surface with a completely painless and non-invasive technique, without grinding. They are set up in just fifteen minutes, and are easily removed, leaving no trace on the tooth.