Frequently asked questions


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What are implants for?

With dental implants we replace one or more missing teeth, in order to obtain the conditions for a quality prosthetic replacement, crown, bridge or denture on the implants.

Is the implantation procedure painless?

Yes. The procedure is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia.

How can a denture be fixed?

The prosthesis can be fixed with implants, which provides patients with a better quality of life for a long time.

How long does the teeth whitening process take?

The whitening process itself lasts 45 minutes, during whitening the patient watches TV or listens to music.

Is whitening harmful?

No, so far no scientific study has proven to be harmful.

Do fixed braces damage the enamel?

No, fixed braces do not damage the enamel. Changes in the teeth may result from inadequate oral hygiene, and it is therefore necessary to maintain oral hygiene flawlessly.

Can we whiten teeth with sandblasting?

No, sandblasting removes soft deposits and pigmentation on the teeth and gives the teeth their natural color. For whitening, we recommend the Zoom Advanced Power teeth whitening system in the dental office. The procedure is fast, painless and produces long lasting results.

Why are teeth sealed? What does it mean?

With the sealing the pits and fissures on permanent teeth are being  doused, in order to avoid caries. The procedure is simple, quick and painless for children.
Do teeth need to be drilled for putting on veneers?
Most often yes, but it depends on the case. Nowadays, non-prep veneers are also made, which do not require enamel grinding, but stick to the enamel.

How long do teeth remain white after the whitening process?

If you maintain regular hygiene, your teeth will remain brighter than they were before the whitening process. Depending on your lifestyle (coffee, black tea, cola, red wine, smoking…), it may be necessary to repeat the procedure in a couple of years if you would like to go back to tooth color just after whitening.