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Prices and warranty

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inDent guarantees the use of superior materials for all dental work that remains in the mouth and gives a special guarantee for all work in the field of implantology and prosthetics.




1One surface composite filling250 kn
2Two surface composite filling300 kn
3Three surface composite filling350 kn
4Tooth sealant250 kn
5Endodontic root canal and filling (per canal) 300 kn




1Ceramic crown on metal 1500 kn
2Emax free ceramic crown2500 kn
3Ceramic crown on zircon 2500 kn
4Ceramic zircon crown on implant2500 kn
5Ceramic veneer2500 kn
6Total denture (acrylic) 4500 kn
7Partial denture (acrylic)4500 kn
8Totalna proteza (wirronit)5500 kn
9Partial denture (wirronite) 5500 kn
10Denture repair400 kn
11Prosthesis400 kn
12Immediate Denture 1250 kn
13Crossbar1500 kn
14Links1500 kn




1Teeth scaling for both jaws300 kn
2Curretage of both jaws2000 kn
3Sandblasting for both jaws 300 kn



Teeth whitening

1ZOOM AP whitening lamp / both jaws2200 kn




1Tooth extraction350 kn
2Complicated tooth extraction500 kn
3Apicotomy1200 kn
4Alveotomy1200 kn




1SKY Implant4500 kn
2BEGO Implant4500 kn
3ASTRA Implant5500 kn
4STRAUMANN Implants5500 kn
5NOBEL Implant5500 kn
6Sinus lift big 4500 kn
7Sinus lift small2000 kn
8Augmentation bone1250 kn




1Snoring Splint (SILENSOR)2500 kn
2Protective Athlete Splint (PLAY SAFE)1500 kn
3Grinding Splint 2500 kn