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Sports splits

Sports splints are used to protect the teeth to prevent injuries to the teeth and surrounding tissue, and can be worn by children and adults in various sports (most in boxing, cycling, football, handball, all martial arts, roller skating, etc.).

Snoring splints

The anti-snoring splint - Silensor - increases air flow through the pharynx during sleep, making sleep better and more enjoyable. The splinter silencer is an oral device that is quite acceptable for the patient because it is small and comfortable to wear, the least invasive method, and very affordable.

Teeth Splints - Bruxism

Bruxism, is a rather inconvenient disorder that is defined as unconscious and excessive grinding and gritting. In this case the forces acting on the teeth, gums and joints are three times greater than when chewing. In both cases teeth are being worn and become sensitive and easily brittle. There are several types of foils for splints to avoid scraping and squeaking of the teeth : thin, medium thickness and thick, differing in strength and wearing comfort.